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Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Liquid 750ml

Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Liquid 750ml

Product Code: 00010A

A multi action cleaner, disinfectant and insecticide that kills bacteria, mites, lice and other crawling insects.
  • £8.60



Insecticide and cleaner for professional use against crawling insects such as poultry mites and litter beetles by application to the surfaces in unoccupied domestic and small scale poultry units and outbuildings where poultry is kept. Optimum control will be achieved by liberally spraying all poultry house surfaces shortly before dusk when mites start to emerge in large quantities. Use in sheds, barns, stables or wherever poultry are kept. For serious infestations use Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol for increased surface penetration.

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