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Aqueos Spray On Plaster 200ml

Aqueos Spray On Plaster 200ml

Product Code: 002834

An essential for any animal lover or professionals first aid box.
  • £11.95



Aqueos, the home of alcohol and bleach free equine and canine disinfectants have launched a spray on plaster which will be a useful addition to animal first aid boxes. This 200ml aluminium spray protects minor cuts and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria by forming a bandage like protection. This protection reduces the risk of infection and aids the natural healing process. When applied the covering remains elastic and permeable to air. The spray has excellent adhesive properties, easy to apply on awkward areas and stays in place while the would heals. The covering lasts for several days and can be re-applied as needed. Easy to use on a wide variety of animals.

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